Saturday, May 7, 2011

hello there!


yeah people,long time not post anything since i've been very busy making decision for my future.

hmm,let see..matriculation in CHANGLUN KEDAH or diploma in quantitative science at UITM ARAU seems that i have no choice except to be far far away from my family*sigh*but alhamdulillah because Allah still give me a chance to further my studies.only He knows the best for us.and do remember that everything happen for a reason:)

so,i've made my decision.i'll go for matriculation in kedah.why?why don't u go for diploma?why matriculation?*please don't ask me this or im gonna kill u*.people always put matriculation as their last choice or in another word 'spare part'.but no matter what people say,i still with my decision:)actually,i can't bear living far away from my least i just have to spend a year in matriculation rather than go to arau perlis for 3 years.3 YEAR babeh!*please give me some oxygen* and 1 year=3 sem break+cuti raya,so say no to BUS and i can take a flight everytime i go back home!(klu 3 tahun mampuih la nak naik flight je,gilo!)hoho

so,i wish all the best and good luck for u out there in everything that u choose and everything that u do(especially yg macam aku ni nak pi smbg blajar ye).no matter where u gonna further ur studies,u too can be a successful person if u work hard for it and always ask for His help,He will always be there for us :)      

andddd sorry for my broken english.aku ni bukan pandai sgt cakap omputih pon tp practise makes perfect right.bhahahahaha

sekian saja,bye bye bye!


Stazel // Fieq said...

natella natella!!!!
tadi aku gi ronda2 kat KMK tu~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

nabilah athirah said...

dah macam fox wung panggil aku natella~hahah

nelly said...

Gud luck !!

nabilah athirah said...

tq nelly:)