Wednesday, November 16, 2011




day after tomorrow:

means that,its only one day left for me being at home,watching tv,facebook-ing,youtube-ing 24/7

its only one day left,ONE DAY!!*Allah please give me some strength for not to cry for this few hours

i'll be going back to KMK on this friday and on saturday i'll be sitting for muet,for writing and listening test."good news" that im not doing any preparation for this test*except typing this post using my superduper-broken english*


i just realized..i missed so many thing since i went to kmk.the family meeting,the birthday party,the bbq party,and the most saddest thing was i didn't have chance to see my beloved grandfather for the last time before he leave our family forever.T_T

uhhh okay i'll stop my post here,till then..bye:)

p/s:will be missing those face

yeahhhh luckily i was there in the picture:D

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